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ItaPref (Package: zipfR) : Italian Ri- and Ultra- Prefix Frequency Data (zipfR)

ItaRi.spc and ItaRi.emp.vgc are zipfR objects of classes tfl, spc and vgc, respectively. They contain frequency data for all verbal lemmas with the prefix ri- (similar to English re-) in the Italian la Repubblica corpus.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: datasets
● Alias: ItaPref, ItaRi, ItaRi.emp.vgc, ItaRi.spc, ItaUltra, ItaUltra.emp.vgc, ItaUltra.spc
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Dickens (Package: zipfR) : Dickens' Frequency Data (zipfR)

Objects of classes spc and vgc that contain frequency data for a collection of Dickens's works from Project Gutenberg, and for 3 novels (Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friends).
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: datasets
● Alias: Dickens, Dickens.emp.vgc, Dickens.spc, DickensGreatExpectations, DickensGreatExpectations.emp.vgc, DickensGreatExpectations.spc, DickensOliverTwist, DickensOliverTwist.emp.vgc, DickensOliverTwist.spc, DickensOurMutualFriend, DickensOurMutualFriend.emp.vgc, DickensOurMutualFriend.spc
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