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RcmdrPlugin.BCA.Utilities (Package: RcmdrPlugin.BCA) : RcmdrPlugin.BCA Utility Functions

These functions are actually internal and not exported.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: misc
● Alias: RcmdrPlugin.BCA.Utilities, SDIndexPlot, activeRpartP, adjProbScoreGUI, bootDiagnostics, createSamples, exportDBF, generalizedLinearModelBCA, hCluster, hclustSummaryBCA, helpAboutBCA, importDBF, is.equality.prob, kcentroidsClustering, kmeansClusteringBCA, liftChart, liftChartP, listHclustSolutions, listNnetModels, listRpartModels, nnetModel, nnetP, rankScoreGUI, rawProbScoreGUI, relabelFactor, rpartModel, rpartP, rpartPlot, scatterPlotBCA, scatterPlotMatrixBCA, stepwiseBCA, subsetBoxBCA, summarizeModelBCA, variableSummary, variablesP
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Nnet (Package: RcmdrPlugin.BCA) : Neural Networks Using Multiple Starting Weights

Estimates a feed forward neural network using multiple intial starting weight vectors using the nnet function, and selects as the final model the one that minimizes the criterion function. This function is designed to be used with the Rcmdrma package. The function nnSub implements subsetting in a way more analogous to other R fitting functions.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: misc
● Alias: Nnet, nnSub
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RcmdrPlugin.BCA-package (Package: RcmdrPlugin.BCA) :

An R Commander plug-in to accompany the book Customer and Business Analytics: Applied Data Mining for Business Decision Making Using R by Daniel S. Putler and Robert E. Krider.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: package
● Alias: RcmdrPlugin.BCA, RcmdrPlugin.BCA-package
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