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DataframeSummary (Package: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats) : Dataframe Summary

Summarize every numeric and factor column in a data frame.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: summary
● Alias: DataframeSummary
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printConfint (Package: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats) : Print confidence intervals

Extract and print the confidence intervals for an object of class "htest" (i.e. results of a "t.test", "binom.test", "poisson.test", etc.)
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: htest, print
● Alias: printConfint
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RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats-internal (Package: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats) : Internal RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats Objects

Internal RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats objects.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: internal
● Alias: DistWords, DistWords2, checkStructure, confintBinomial, confintContinuous, confintPoisson, distdiagnostics, distnormal, factorChange, ordinalRegressionModel.ordinal, resetclm, sclmP, summarizeDataframe
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Textual Output for Various Functions (Package: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats) : Textual Interpretations: MPA Stats

Print textual interpretations of various tests in the RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats package. These methods are not intended to be called directly by the user via the command line. These methods will be called via the R Commander console and will produce appropriate output and textual interpretations of selected analyses.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords:
● Alias: KruskalWallisTest2, chiSquareWords, confintBinomial2, confintBinomialWords, confintContinuous2, confintContinuousWords, generalizedLinearModel2, independentSamplesTTest2, independentSamplesTTestWords, kruskalWallisWords, linearModel2, logitWords, multipleRegressionWords, ologitWords, oneWayAnova2, ordinalRegressionModelOrdinal2, pairedTTest2, pairedTTestWords, pairedWilcoxonTest2, resetGLM, resetLinearModel, singleProportionTest2, singleProportionTestWords, singleSampleTTest2, singleTTestWords, twoSampleProportionsTest2, twoSampleProportionsTestWords, twoSampleWilcoxonTest2, twoWayTable2, wilcoxonMannWhitneyWords, wilcoxonWords, wordsAnova
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RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats-package (Package: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats) : R Commander Plug-in for MPA Statistics

This package provides an R Commander plugin that offers a unified menu of new and pre-existing statistical functions related to public management and policy analysis statistics. Functions and menus have been renamed according to the usage in PMGT 630 in the Master of Public Administration program at Brigham Young University.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: package
● Alias: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats, RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats-package
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