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Package: DynamicDistribution
Title: Dynamically visualized probability distributions and their
Description: The package is aimed at dynamically visualizing probability
distributions and their moments and all the commonly used distributions are
Version: 1.1
Author: Lei ZHANG, Hao JIANG and Chen XUE(Equally contributed, the order is
decided by the time the author joined the project. )
Maintainer: Hao JIANG <>
Depends: R (>= 3.0.2)
License: GPL (>= 2)
Packaged: 2013-12-05 02:30:41 UTC; Administrator
Repository: CRAN
LazyData: true
Collate: 'DynCon.R' 'DynDis.R' 'internal.R'
NeedsCompilation: no
Date/Publication: 2013-12-05 07:50:41

1115 images, 5 functions, 0 datasets
● Reverse Depends: 0

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