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Package: GWmodel
Version: 1.2-5
Date: 2015-02-01
Title: Geographically-Weighted Models
Depends: R (>= 3.0.0), maptools (>= 0.5-2), robustbase, sp
Suggests: mvoutlier, RColorBrewer, gstat
Description: In GWmodel, we introduce techniques from a particular branch of spatial statistics,termed geographically-weighted (GW) models. GW models suit situations when data are not described well by some global model, but where there are spatial regions where a suitably localised calibration provides a better description. GWmodel includes functions to calibrate: GW summary statistics, GW principal components analysis, GW discriminant analysis and various forms of GW regression; some of which are provided in basic and robust (outlier resistant) forms.
Author: Binbin Lu[aut], Paul Harris[aut], Martin Charlton[aut], Chris Brunsdon[aut], Tomoki Nakaya[aut], Isabella Gollini[ctb]
Maintainer: Binbin Lu <>
License: GPL (>= 2)
Repository: CRAN
Packaged: 2015-02-01 14:16:43 UTC; Administrator
NeedsCompilation: no
Date/Publication: 2015-02-01 17:38:21

● Cran Task View: Spatial
5 images, 51 functions, 4 datasets
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    bw.gwda                                 html  
    bw.gwpca                                html  
    bw.gwr                                  html  
    bw.gwr.lcr                              html  
    check.components                        html                                 html                         html  
    glyph.plot                              html  
    gw.dist                                 html  
    gw.pcplot                               html  
    gwda                                    html                                html                        html  
    gwpca                                   html  
    gwr.basic                               html  
    gwr.collin.diagno                       html                                  html                          html  
    gwr.generalised                         html  
    gwr.hetero                              html                              html                      html  
    gwr.lcr                                 html  
    gwr.mixed                               html  
    gwr.predict                             html  
    gwr.robust                              html  
    gwr.t.adjust                            html  
    gwss                                    html  
    mink.approach                           html  
    mink.matrixview                         html  
    model.selection.gwr                     html  
    model.sort.gwr                          html  
    model.view.gwr                          html  
    montecarlo.gwpca.1                      html  
    montecarlo.gwpca.2                      html  
    montecarlo.gwr                          html  
    montecarlo.gwss                         html  
    plot.mcsims                             html  
    print.ggwrm                             html  
    print.gwrm                              html  
    print.gwrm.lcr                          html  
    print.gwrm.pred                         html  
    print.gwss                              html  
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