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Package: IPMpack
Type: Package
Title: Builds and analyses Integral Projection Models (IPMs).
Version: 2.1
Date: 2012-7-4
Author: CJE Metcalf, SM McMahon, R Salguero-Gomez, E Jongejans, C Merow
Maintainer: Sean McMahon <>
Description: IPMpack takes demographic vital rates and (optionally) environmental data to build integral projection models. A number of functional forms for growth and survival can be incorporated, as well as a range of reproductive strategies. The package also includes a suite of diagnostic routines, provides classic matrix model output (e.g., lambda, elasticities, sensitivities), and produces post-hoc metrics (e.g., passage time and life expectancy).
License: GPL
LazyLoad: yes
Depends: Matrix, MASS, nlme
Suggests: MCMCglmm, truncnorm, mvtnorm, methods, MCMCpack, fields
Packaged: 2014-03-16 15:30:30 UTC; seanmcmahon
NeedsCompilation: no
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2014-03-17 03:08:17

72 images, 79 functions, 6 datasets
● Reverse Depends: 0

Install log

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    Hossfeld                                html  
    IPMmatrix-class                         html  
    IPMpack-internal                        html  
    IPMpack-package                         html  
    IPMpackNews                             html  
    R0Calc                                  html  
    addPdfGrowthPic                         html  
    coerceGrowthObj                         html  
    convergeIPM                             html  
    convertIncrement                        html  
    dataIPMpackCryptantha.csv               html  
    dataIPMpackHypericum.csv                html  
    dataIPMpackHypericumCov.csv             html  
    dataIPMpackSilwood.csv                  html  
    dataIPMpackSuccisa.csv                  html  
    dataIPMpackSuccisa2.csv                 html  
    diagnosticsPmatrix                      html  
    discreteTrans-class                     html  
    discreteTransInteger-class              html  
    elas                                    html  
    envMatrix-class                         html  
    fecObj-class                            html  
    fecObjInteger-class                     html  
    generateData                            html  
    growSurv                                html  
    growth-methods                          html  
    growth                                  html  
    growthCum-methods                       html  
    growthCum                               html  
    growthModelComp                         html  
    growthObj-class                         html  
    growthObjDeclineVar-class               html  
    growthObjHossfeld-class                 html  
    growthObjIncr-class                     html  
    growthObjIncrDeclineVar-class           html  
    growthObjLogIncr-class                  html  
    growthObjLogIncrDeclineVar-class        html  
    growthObjNegBin-class                   html  
    growthObjPois                           html  
    growthObjTruncIncr-class                html  
    largeMatrixCalc                         html  
    logit                                   html  
    makeClonalObj                           html  
    makeCompoundCmatrix                     html  
    makeCompoundFmatrix                     html  
    makeCompoundPmatrix                     html  
    makeDiscreteTrans                       html  
    makeDiscreteTransInteger                html  
    makeEnvObj                              html  
    makeFecObj                              html  
    makeFecObjInteger                       html  
    makeGrowthObj                           html  
    makeGrowthObjHossfeld                   html  
    makeIPMCmatrix                          html  
    makeIPMFmatrix                          html  
    makeIPMPmatrix                          html  
    makeIPMmatrix                           html  
    makeIntegerFmatrix                      html  
    makeOffspringObj                        html  
    makeSurvObj                             html  
    meanLifeExpect                          html  
    passageTime                             html  
    picGrow                                 html  
    picSurv                                 html  
    plotGrowthModelComp                     html  
    predictFutureDistribution               html  
    sampleIPM                               html  
    sampleIPMOutput                         html  
    sampleSequentialIPMs                    html  
    sampleVitalRateObj                      html  
    sensParams                              html  
    simulateCarlina                         html  
    sizeToAge                               html  
    stochGrowthRateManyCov                  html  
    stochGrowthRateSampleList               html  
    stochPassageTime                        html  
    surv-methods                            html  
    surv                                    html  
    survObj-class                           html  
    survObjOverDisp-class                   html  
    survivorship                            html  
    timeToSize                              html  
    varLifeExpect                           html  
    varPassageTime                          html  
    wrapHossfeld                            html  
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