Last data update: 2014.03.03


Package: LIM
Version: 1.4.6
Title: Linear Inverse Model examples and solution methods.
Author: Karline Soetaert <>,
Dick van Oevelen<>
Maintainer: Karline Soetaert <>
Depends: R (>= 2.10), limSolve, diagram
Description: Functions that read and solve linear inverse problems (food web problems, linear programming problems).
These problems find solutions to linear or quadratic functions:
min or max (f(x)), where f(x) = ||Ax-b||^2 or f(x) = sum(ai*xi)
subject to equality constraints Ex=f and inequality constraints Gx>=h. Uses package limSolve.
License: GPL (>= 2)
LazyData: yes
Packaged: 2014-12-24 13:45:37 UTC; rforge
Repository: CRAN
Repository/R-Forge/Project: lim
Repository/R-Forge/Revision: 57
Repository/R-Forge/DateTimeStamp: 2014-12-24 13:23:18
Date/Publication: 2014-12-26 11:07:11
NeedsCompilation: no

28 images, 13 functions, 12 datasets
● Reverse Depends: 0

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