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Package: LearnBayes
Type: Package
Title: Functions for Learning Bayesian Inference
Version: 2.15
Date: 2014-05-28
Author: Jim Albert
Maintainer: Jim Albert <>
LazyData: yes
Description: LearnBayes contains a collection of functions helpful in learning the basic tenets of Bayesian statistical inference. It contains functions for summarizing basic one and two parameter posterior distributions and predictive distributions. It contains MCMC algorithms for summarizing posterior distributions defined by the user. It also contains functions for regression models, hierarchical models, Bayesian tests, and illustrations of Gibbs sampling.
License: GPL (>= 2)
Packaged: 2014-05-29 11:59:53 UTC; albert
NeedsCompilation: no
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2014-05-29 17:33:08

● Cran Task View: Bayesian, Distributions, Survival
5 images, 69 functions, 25 datasets
Reverse Depends: 1

Install log

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    achievement                             html  
    baseball.1964                           html  
    bayes.influence                         html  
    bayes.model.selection                   html  
    bayes.probit                            html  
    bayesresiduals                          html  
    bermuda.grass                           html                             html  
    betabinexch                             html  
    betabinexch0                            html  
    bfexch                                  html  
    bfindep                                 html  
    binomial.beta.mix                       html  
    birdextinct                             html  
    birthweight                             html  
    blinreg                                 html  
    blinregexpected                         html  
    blinregpred                             html  
    bprobit.probs                           html                      html  
    breastcancer                            html  
    calculus.grades                         html  
    cancermortality                         html  
    careertraj.setup                        html  
    cauchyerrorpost                         html  
    chemotherapy                            html  
    ctable                                  html  
    darwin                                  html  
    discint                                 html  
    discrete.bayes.2                        html  
    discrete.bayes                          html  
    dmnorm                                  html  
    dmt                                     html  
    donner                                  html  
    election.2008                           html  
    election                                html  
    footballscores                          html  
    gibbs                                   html  
    groupeddatapost                         html  
    hearttransplants                        html  
    hiergibbs                               html  
    histprior                               html  
    howardprior                             html  
    impsampling                             html  
    indepmetrop                             html  
    iowagpa                                 html  
    jeter2004                               html  
    laplace                                 html  
    lbinorm                                 html  
    logctablepost                           html  
    logisticpost                            html  
    logpoissgamma                           html  
    logpoissnormal                          html  
    marathontimes                           html  
    mnormt.onesided                         html  
    mnormt.twosided                         html  
    mycontour                               html  
    normal.normal.mix                       html                           html  
    normchi2post                            html  
    normnormexch                            html  
    normpostpred                            html  
    normpostsim                             html  
    ordergibbs                              html  
    pbetap                                  html  
    pbetat                                  html  
    pdisc                                   html  
    pdiscp                                  html  
    poissgamexch                            html  
    poisson.gamma.mix                       html  
    predplot                                html  
    prior.two.parameters                    html  
    puffin                                  html  
    rdirichlet                              html                         html  
    regroup                                 html  
    rejectsampling                          html  
    rigamma                                 html  
    rmnorm                                  html  
    rmt                                     html  
    robustt                                 html  
    rtruncated                              html  
    rwmetrop                                html  
    schmidt                                 html  
    simcontour                              html  
    sir                                     html  
    sluggerdata                             html  
    soccergoals                             html  
    stanfordheart                           html  
    strikeout                               html  
    studentdata                             html  
    transplantpost                          html  
    triplot                                 html  
    weibullregpost                          html  
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