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Package: MethTargetedNGS
Type: Package
Title: Perform Methylation Analysis on Next Generation Sequencing Data
Version: 1.4.0
Date: 2015-02-06
Depends: R (>= 3.1.2), stringr, seqinr, gplots, Biostrings
SystemRequirements: HMMER3
Author: Muhammad Ahmer Jamil with Contribution of Prof. Holger Frohlich
and Priv.-Doz. Dr. Osman El-Maarri
Maintainer: Muhammad Ahmer Jamil <>
Description: Perform step by step methylation analysis of Next
Generation Sequencing data.
License: Artistic-2.0
biocViews: ResearchField, Genetics, Sequencing, Alignment,
SequenceMatching, DataImport
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: 2016-05-04 06:16:23 UTC; biocbuild

● BiocViews: Alignment, DataImport, Genetics, ResearchField, SequenceMatching, Sequencing
6 images, 11 functions, 0 datasets
● Reverse Depends: 0

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