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Package: Prize
Type: Package
Title: Prize: an R package for prioritization estimation based on
analytic hierarchy process
Version: 1.2.0
Date: 2014-12-18
Author: Daryanaz Dargahi <>
Maintainer: Daryanaz Dargahi <>
Description: The high throughput studies often produce large amounts of
numerous genes and proteins of interest. While it is difficult
to study and validate all of them. Analytic Hierarchy Process
(AHP) offers a novel approach to narrowing down long lists of
candidates by prioritizing them based on how well they meet the
research goal. AHP is a mathematical technique for organizing
and analyzing complex decisions where multiple criteria are
involved. The technique structures problems into a hierarchy of
elements, and helps to specify numerical weights representing
the relative importance of each element. Numerical weight or
priority derived from each element allows users to find
alternatives that best suit their goal and their understanding
of the problem.
License: Artistic-2.0
Imports: diagram, stringr, ggplot2, reshape2, grDevices, matrixcalc,
stats, gplots, methods, utils, graphics
Suggests: RUnit, BiocGenerics
biocViews: Software, MultipleComparison, GeneExpression, CellBiology,
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: 2016-05-04 06:23:14 UTC; biocbuild

● BiocViews: CellBiology, GeneExpression, MultipleComparison, RNASeq, Software
14 images, 51 functions, 0 datasets
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    ahmatrix                                html  
    ahmatrixObj-class                       html  
    ahp                                     html  
    ahpObj-class                            html  
    ahp_matrix                              html  
    ahp_plot                                html  
    ahp_weights                             html  
    ahplot                                  html  
    ariAggreg-class                         html  
    crplot                                  html  
    dplot                                   html  
    epitope.PCM-data                        html  
    epitopeLength.PCM-data                  html  
    epitopeNum.PCM-data                     html  
    epitope_num_rating-data                 html  
    epitope_size_rating-data                html  
    freq.PCM-data                           html  
    freq_exp_rating-data                    html  
    gaggregate                              html  
    genes.list-data                         html  
    geoAggreg-class                         html  
    ind1-data                               html  
    ind2-data                               html  
    ind3-data                               html  
    ind4-data                               html  
    normal.PCM-data                         html  
    normal_exp_rating-data                  html  
    numEpitope_alternative_category-data    html  
    number-data                             html  
    pipeline                                html  
    pipelineObj-class                       html  
    rainbow_plot                            html  
    rainbowplot                             html  
    rating                                  html  
    ratingObj-class                         html  
    saaty_inconsistency                     html  
    simulation                              html  
    tumor.PCM-data                          html  
    tumor_exp_rating-data                   html  
    weight                                  html  
    weight_plot                             html  
    wplot                                   html  
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