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Package: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats
Type: Package
Title: R Commander Plug-in for MPA Statistics
Version: 1.2.1
Date: 2016-05-13
Author: Andrew Heiss, Richard Payne, Christa Schank, Jessica Reese
Maintainer: Andrew Heiss <>
Depends: Rcmdr (>= 1.4-0), ordinal
Description: Extends R Commander with a unified menu of new and pre-existing
statistical functions related to public management and policy analysis
statistics. Functions and menus have been renamed according to the
usage in PMGT 630 in the Master of Public Administration program at
Brigham Young University.
RcmdrModels: sclm
License: GPL (> 2)
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: 2016-05-13 17:32:58 UTC; andrew
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2016-05-14 00:33:13

● 0 images, 5 functions, 0 datasets
● Reverse Depends: 0

Install log

* installing to library '/home/ddbj/local/lib64/R/library'
ERROR: dependency 'Rcmdr' is not available for package 'RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats'
* removing '/home/ddbj/local/lib64/R/library/RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats'