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Package: mdatools
Title: Multivariate Data Analysis for Chemometrics
Version: 0.7.0
Date: 2015-11-30
Author: Sergey Kucheryavskiy
Maintainer: Sergey Kucheryavskiy <>
Description: Package implements projection based methods for preprocessing,
exploring and analysis of multivariate data used in chemometrics.
License: GPL-3
Imports: methods
RoxygenNote: 5.0.0
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: 2015-11-30 19:32:19 UTC; svkucheryavski
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2015-11-30 21:23:13

● 0 images, 232 functions, 2 datasets
● Reverse Depends: 0

Install log

* installing to library '/home/ddbj/local/lib64/R/library'
* installing *source* package 'mdatools' ...
** package 'mdatools' successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** R
** data
** preparing package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package 'mdatools'
    finding HTML links ... done
    People                                  html  
    Simdata                                 html  
    as.matrix.classres                      html  
    as.matrix.ldecomp                       html  
    as.matrix.plsdares                      html  
    as.matrix.plsres                        html  
    as.matrix.regcoeffs                     html  
    as.matrix.regres                        html  
    bars                                    html  
    classify.plsda                          html  
    classres                                html  
    crossval                                html  
    crossval.str                            html  
    erfinv                                  html  
    errorbars                               html  
    getCalibrationData                      html  
    getCalibrationData.pca                  html  
    getCalibrationData.simcam               html  
    getClassificationPerformance            html  
    getMainTitle                            html  
    getRegcoeffs                            html  
    getRegcoeffs.pls                        html  
    getSelectedComponents                   html  
    getSelectedComponents.classres          html  
    getSelectivityRatio                     html  
    getSelectivityRatio.pls                 html  
    getVIPScores                            html  
    getVIPScores.pls                        html  
    ipls                                    html  
    ipls.backward                           html  
    ipls.forward                            html  
    ldecomp                                 html  
    ldecomp.getDistances                    html  
    ldecomp.getResLimits                    html  
    ldecomp.getVariances                    html  
    mdaplot                                 html  
    mdaplot.areColors                       html  
    mdaplot.formatValues                    html  
    mdaplot.getAxesLim                      html  
    mdaplot.getColors                       html  
    mdaplot.plotAxes                        html  
    mdaplot.showColorbar                    html  
    mdaplot.showGrid                        html  
    mdaplot.showLabels                      html  
    mdaplot.showLegend                      html  
    mdaplot.showLines                       html  
    mdaplot.showRegressionLine              html  
    mdaplotg                                html  
    mdatools                                html  
    pca                                     html                                 html  
    pca.crossval                            html  
    pca.mvreplace                           html  
    pca.nipals                              html  
    pca.svd                                 html  
    pcares                                  html  
    pinv                                    html  
    plot.classres                           html  
    plot.ipls                               html  
    plot.pca                                html  
    plot.pcares                             html  
    plot.pls                                html  
    plot.plsda                              html  
    plot.plsdares                           html  
    plot.plsres                             html  
    plot.randtest                           html  
    plot.regcoeffs                          html  
    plot.regres                             html  
    plot.simca                              html  
    plot.simcam                             html  
    plot.simcamres                          html  
    plotCooman                              html  
    plotCooman.simcam                       html  
    plotCooman.simcamres                    html  
    plotCorr                                html  
    plotCorr.randtest                       html  
    plotCumVariance                         html  
    plotCumVariance.ldecomp                 html  
    plotCumVariance.pca                     html  
    plotDiscriminationPower                 html  
    plotDiscriminationPower.simcam          html  
    plotHist                                html  
    plotHist.randtest                       html  
    plotLoadings                            html  
    plotLoadings.pca                        html  
    plotMisclassified                       html  
    plotMisclassified.classmodel            html  
    plotMisclassified.classres              html  
    plotModelDistance                       html  
    plotModelDistance.simcam                html  
    plotModellingPower                      html  
    plotModellingPower.simca                html  
    plotModellingPower.simcam               html  
    plotPerformance                         html  
    plotPerformance.classmodel              html  
    plotPerformance.classres                html  
    plotPredictions                         html  
    plotPredictions.classmodel              html  
    plotPredictions.classres                html  
    plotPredictions.pls                     html  
    plotPredictions.plsres                  html  
    plotPredictions.regres                  html  
    plotRMSE                                html  
    plotRMSE.ipls                           html  
    plotRMSE.pls                            html  
    plotRMSE.plsres                         html  
    plotRMSE.regres                         html  
    plotRegcoeffs                           html  
    plotRegcoeffs.pls                       html  
    plotResiduals                           html  
    plotResiduals.ldecomp                   html  
    plotResiduals.pca                       html  
    plotResiduals.simcam                    html  
    plotResiduals.simcamres                 html  
    plotResiduals.simcares                  html  
    plotScores                              html  
    plotScores.ldecomp                      html  
    plotScores.pca                          html  
    plotSelection                           html  
    plotSelection.ipls                      html  
    plotSelectivityRatio                    html  
    plotSelectivityRatio.pls                html  
    plotSensitivity                         html  
    plotSensitivity.classmodel              html  
    plotSensitivity.classres                html  
    plotSpecificity                         html  
    plotSpecificity.classmodel              html  
    plotSpecificity.classres                html  
    plotVIPScores                           html  
    plotVIPScores.pls                       html  
    plotVariance                            html  
    plotVariance.ldecomp                    html  
    plotVariance.pca                        html  
    plotVariance.pls                        html  
    plotXCumVariance                        html  
    plotXCumVariance.pls                    html  
    plotXCumVariance.plsres                 html  
    plotXLoadings                           html  
    plotXLoadings.pls                       html  
    plotXResiduals                          html  
    plotXResiduals.pls                      html  
    plotXResiduals.plsres                   html  
    plotXScores                             html  
    plotXScores.pls                         html  
    plotXScores.plsres                      html  
    plotXVariance                           html  
    plotXVariance.pls                       html  
    plotXVariance.plsres                    html  
    plotXYLoadings                          html  
    plotXYLoadings.pls                      html  
    plotXYScores                            html  
    plotXYScores.pls                        html  
    plotXYScores.plsres                     html  
    plotYCumVariance                        html  
    plotYCumVariance.pls                    html  
    plotYCumVariance.plsres                 html  
    plotYResiduals                          html  
    plotYResiduals.pls                      html  
    plotYResiduals.regres                   html  
    plotYVariance                           html  
    plotYVariance.pls                       html  
    plotYVariance.plsres                    html  
    pls                                     html                                 html  
    pls.calculateSelectivityRatio           html  
    pls.calculateVIPScores                  html  
    pls.crossval                            html  
    pls.simpls                              html  
    plsda                                   html  
    plsda.crossval                          html  
    plsda.getReferenceValues                html  
    plsdares                                html  
    plsres                                  html  
    predict.pca                             html  
    predict.pls                             html  
    predict.plsda                           html  
    predict.simca                           html  
    predict.simcam                          html  
    prep.autoscale                          html  
    prep.msc                                html  
    prep.norm                               html  
    prep.savgol                             html  
    prep.snv                                html  
    print.classres                          html  
    print.ipls                              html  
    print.ldecomp                           html  
    print.pca                               html  
    print.pcares                            html  
    print.pls                               html  
    print.plsda                             html  
    print.plsdares                          html  
    print.plsres                            html  
    print.randtest                          html  
    print.regcoeffs                         html  
    print.regres                            html  
    print.simca                             html  
    print.simcam                            html  
    print.simcamres                         html  
    print.simcares                          html  
    randtest                                html  
    regcoeffs                               html  
    regcoeffs.getStat                       html  
    regres                                  html  
    regres.bias                             html  
    regres.r2                               html  
    regres.rmse                             html  
    regres.slope                            html  
    selectCompNum                           html  
    selectCompNum.pca                       html  
    selectCompNum.pls                       html  
    showPredictions                         html  
    showPredictions.classres                html  
    simca                                   html  
    simca.classify                          html  
    simca.crossval                          html  
    simcam                                  html  
    simcam.getPerformanceStatistics         html  
    simcamres                               html  
    simcares                                html  
    summary.classres                        html  
    summary.ipls                            html  
    summary.ldecomp                         html  
    summary.pca                             html  
    summary.pcares                          html  
    summary.pls                             html  
    summary.plsda                           html  
    summary.plsdares                        html  
    summary.plsres                          html  
    summary.randtest                        html  
    summary.regres                          html  
    summary.simca                           html  
    summary.simcam                          html  
    summary.simcamres                       html  
    summary.simcares                        html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded
* DONE (mdatools)
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