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XML : Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus

Package: XML
Version: 3.98-1.4
Author: Duncan Temple Lang and the CRAN Team
Maintainer: Duncan Temple Lang <>
Title: Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus
Depends: R (>= 2.13.0), methods, utils
Suggests: bitops, RCurl
SystemRequirements: libxml2 (>= 2.6.3)
Description: Many approaches for both reading and
creating XML (and HTML) documents (including DTDs), both local
and accessible via HTTP or FTP. Also offers access to an
'XPath' "interpreter".
Note: In version 2.4.0 of this package, a new approach to garbage
collection has been implemented and it is experimental. You can
disable it via the configuration option --enable-nodegc=no.
However, you are encouraged to use this and report problems as
the results are beneficial and being able to produce any errors
should they occur will be very helpful.
License: BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE
Collate: AAA.R DTD.R DTDClasses.R DTDRef.R SAXMethods.S XMLClasses.R
applyDOM.R assignChild.R catalog.R createNode.R dynSupports.R
error.R flatTree.R nodeAccessors.R parseDTD.R schema.S
summary.R tangle.R toString.S tree.R version.R xmlErrorEnums.R
xmlEventHandler.R xmlEventParse.R xmlHandler.R
xmlInternalSource.R xmlOutputDOM.R xmlNodes.R xmlOutputBuffer.R
xmlTree.R xmlTreeParse.R htmlParse.R hashTree.R zzz.R
supports.R parser.R libxmlFeatures.R xmlString.R saveXML.R
namespaces.R readHTMLTable.R reflection.R xmlToDataFrame.R
bitList.R compare.R encoding.R fixNS.R xmlRoot.R serialize.R
xmlMemoryMgmt.R keyValueDB.R solrDocs.R XMLRErrorInfo.R
xincludes.R namespaceHandlers.R tangle1.R htmlLinks.R
htmlLists.R getDependencies.R getRelativeURL.R xmlIncludes.R
Packaged: 2016-03-01 07:39:47 UTC; ripley
NeedsCompilation: yes
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2016-03-01 10:54:31

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