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ggplot2 : An Implementation of the Grammar of Graphics

Package: ggplot2
Version: 2.1.0
Authors@R: c(
person("Hadley", "Wickham", , "", c("aut", "cre")),
person("Winston", "Chang", , "", "aut"),
person("RStudio", role = "cph")
Title: An Implementation of the Grammar of Graphics
Description: An implementation of the grammar of graphics in R. It combines the
advantages of both base and lattice graphics: conditioning and shared axes
are handled automatically, and you can still build up a plot step by step
from multiple data sources. It also implements a sophisticated
multidimensional conditioning system and a consistent interface to map
data to aesthetic attributes. See for more information,
documentation and examples.
Depends: R (>= 3.1)
Imports: digest, grid, gtable (>= 0.1.1), MASS, plyr (>= 1.7.1),
reshape2, scales (>= 0.3.0), stats
Suggests: covr, ggplot2movies, hexbin, Hmisc, lattice, mapproj, maps,
maptools, mgcv, multcomp, nlme, testthat (>= 0.11.0), quantreg,
knitr, rpart, rmarkdown, svglite
Enhances: sp
License: GPL-2
LazyData: true
Collate: 'ggproto.r' 'aaa-.r' 'aes-calculated.r'
'aes-colour-fill-alpha.r' 'aes-group-order.r'
'aes-linetype-size-shape.r' 'aes-position.r' 'utilities.r'
'aes.r' 'legend-draw.r' 'geom-.r' 'annotation-custom.r'
'annotation-logticks.r' 'geom-polygon.r' 'geom-map.r'
'annotation-map.r' 'geom-raster.r' 'annotation-raster.r'
'annotation.r' 'autoplot.r' 'bench.r' 'bin.R' 'coord-.r'
'coord-cartesian-.r' 'coord-fixed.r' 'coord-flip.r'
'coord-map.r' 'coord-munch.r' 'coord-polar.r'
'coord-quickmap.R' 'coord-transform.r' 'data.R' 'facet-.r'
'facet-grid-.r' 'facet-labels.r' 'facet-layout.r'
'facet-locate.r' 'facet-null.r' 'facet-viewports.r'
'facet-wrap.r' 'fortify-lm.r' 'fortify-map.r'
'fortify-multcomp.r' 'fortify-spatial.r' 'fortify.r' 'stat-.r'
'geom-abline.r' 'geom-rect.r' 'geom-bar.r' 'geom-bin2d.r'
'geom-blank.r' 'geom-boxplot.r' 'geom-path.r' 'geom-contour.r'
'geom-count.r' 'geom-crossbar.r' 'geom-segment.r'
'geom-curve.r' 'geom-defaults.r' 'geom-ribbon.r'
'geom-density.r' 'geom-density2d.r' 'geom-dotplot.r'
'geom-errorbar.r' 'geom-errorbarh.r' 'geom-freqpoly.r'
'geom-hex.r' 'geom-histogram.r' 'geom-hline.r' 'geom-jitter.r'
'geom-label.R' 'geom-linerange.r' 'geom-point.r'
'geom-pointrange.r' 'geom-quantile.r' 'geom-rug.r'
'geom-smooth.r' 'geom-spoke.r' 'geom-text.r' 'geom-tile.r'
'geom-violin.r' 'geom-vline.r' 'ggplot2.r' 'grob-absolute.r'
'grob-dotstack.r' 'grob-null.r' 'grouping.r' 'guide-colorbar.r'
'guide-legend.r' 'guides-.r' 'guides-axis.r' 'guides-grid.r'
'hexbin.R' 'labels.r' 'layer.r' 'limits.r' 'margins.R'
'panel.r' 'plot-build.r' 'plot-construction.r' 'plot-last.r'
'plot.r' 'position-.r' 'position-collide.r' 'position-dodge.r'
'position-fill.r' 'position-identity.r' 'position-jitter.r'
'position-jitterdodge.R' 'position-nudge.R' 'position-stack.r'
'quick-plot.r' 'range.r' 'save.r' 'scale-.r' 'scale-alpha.r'
'scale-brewer.r' 'scale-continuous.r' 'scale-date.r'
'scale-discrete-.r' 'scale-gradient.r' 'scale-grey.r'
'scale-hue.r' 'scale-identity.r' 'scale-linetype.r'
'scale-manual.r' 'scale-shape.r' 'scale-size.r' 'scale-type.R'
'scales-.r' 'stat-bin.r' 'stat-bin2d.r' 'stat-bindot.r'
'stat-binhex.r' 'stat-boxplot.r' 'stat-contour.r'
'stat-count.r' 'stat-density-2d.r' 'stat-density.r'
'stat-ecdf.r' 'stat-ellipse.R' 'stat-function.r'
'stat-identity.r' 'stat-qq.r' 'stat-quantile.r'
'stat-smooth-methods.r' 'stat-smooth.r' 'stat-sum.r'
'stat-summary-2d.r' 'stat-summary-bin.R' 'stat-summary-hex.r'
'stat-summary.r' 'stat-unique.r' 'stat-ydensity.r' 'summary.r'
'theme-defaults.r' 'theme-elements.r' 'theme.r'
'translate-qplot-ggplot.r' 'translate-qplot-lattice.r'
'utilities-break.r' 'utilities-grid.r' 'utilities-help.r'
'utilities-matrix.r' 'utilities-resolution.r'
'utilities-table.r' 'zxx.r' 'zzz.r'
VignetteBuilder: knitr
RoxygenNote: 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: 2016-02-29 20:47:22 UTC; hadley
Author: Hadley Wickham [aut, cre],
Winston Chang [aut],
RStudio [cph]
Maintainer: Hadley Wickham <>
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2016-03-01 15:47:24

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