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lme4 : Linear Mixed-Effects Models using 'Eigen' and S4

Package: lme4
Version: 1.1-12
Title: Linear Mixed-Effects Models using 'Eigen' and S4
Authors@R: c(person("Douglas","Bates", role="aut"),
person("Martin","Maechler", role="aut"),
person("Ben","Bolker",email="", role=c("aut","cre")),
person("Rune Haubo Bojesen","Christensen", role="ctb"),
person("Henrik","Singmann", role="ctb"),
person("Bin", "Dai", role="ctb"),
person("Gabor", "Grothendieck", role="ctb"),
person("Peter", "Green", role="ctb"))
Contact: LME4 Authors <>
Description: Fit linear and generalized linear mixed-effects models.
The models and their components are represented using S4 classes and
methods. The core computational algorithms are implemented using the
'Eigen' C++ library for numerical linear algebra and 'RcppEigen' "glue".
Depends: R (>= 3.0.2), Matrix (>= 1.1.1), methods, stats
LinkingTo: Rcpp (>= 0.10.5), RcppEigen
Imports: graphics, grid, splines, utils, parallel, MASS, lattice, nlme
(>= 3.1-123), minqa (>= 1.1.15), nloptr (>= 1.0.4)
Suggests: knitr, boot, PKPDmodels, MEMSS, testthat (>= 0.8.1), ggplot2,
mlmRev, optimx (>= 2013.8.6), gamm4, pbkrtest, HSAUR2, numDeriv
VignetteBuilder: knitr
LazyData: yes
License: GPL (>= 2)
NeedsCompilation: yes
Packaged: 2016-04-16 03:11:44 UTC; bolker
Author: Douglas Bates [aut],
Martin Maechler [aut],
Ben Bolker [aut, cre],
Steven Walker [aut],
Rune Haubo Bojesen Christensen [ctb],
Henrik Singmann [ctb],
Bin Dai [ctb],
Gabor Grothendieck [ctb],
Peter Green [ctb]
Maintainer: Ben Bolker <>
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2016-04-16 20:40:11

● Data Source: CranContrib
● Cran Task View: Bayesian, Econometrics, Environmetrics, OfficialStatistics, SocialSciences, SpatioTemporal
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