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R: Inmigrants Exposed to Risk of Death
risk76.1929R Documentation

Inmigrants Exposed to Risk of Death


Vector containing the time exposed to risk of death with 76 years during 2006 for the 2006 registered Spanish immigrants born in 1929.




The format is: num [1:362] 0.94 0.885 0.863 0.852 0.797 ...


Under the null hypotheses of uniform distribution of date of birth and date of migration, this time exposed to risk is distributed as a f(x)=2-2x 0<x<1.


Own elaboration from data available in


plot(density.reflected(risk76.1929, 0, 1))


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> ### Name: risk76.1929
> ### Title: Inmigrants Exposed to Risk of Death
> ### Aliases: risk76.1929
> ### Keywords: datasets
> ### ** Examples
> plot(density.reflected(risk76.1929, 0, 1))
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