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R: Graph genomic clines fit to data
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Graph genomic clines fit to data


A quick way to summarize and view the results of





An object: the output of


Creates up to sixteen graphs, depending on which models are fit to the data. For each fitted model, fitted clines are graphed first. For two-parameter models, a bivariate graph of parameter estimates is plotted next (this is left blank for four-parameter models). Finally, a Q-Q plot of squared Mahalanobis distances vs. CHi-squared quantiles is graphed. Putative outlier markers are indicated in red.


Benjamin M. Fitzpatrick


Fitzpatrick, B. M. 2012. Alternative forms for genomic clines. In prep

See Also

See gcline.fn for the basic fitting function. Cline.plot provides an easy way to visualize the output of


data(Bluestone) <-[,1:12],model=c("logit.logistic","Barton"))


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> library(HIest)
Loading required package: nnet
> png(filename="/home/ddbj/snapshot/RGM3/R_CC/result/HIest/Cline.plot.Rd_%03d_medium.png", width=480, height=480)
> ### Name: Cline.plot
> ### Title: Graph genomic clines fit to data
> ### Aliases: Cline.plot
> ### Keywords: ~kwd1 ~kwd2
> ### ** Examples
> data(Bluestone)
> <-[,1:12],model=c("logit.logistic","Barton"))

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 1  NA's were omitted
> Cline.plot(
null device