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R: Creates object of class angledist
angledistR Documentation

Creates object of class angledist


Creates a leaf angle distribution object. Other functions in the LeafAngle package use this type of object quite conveniently. Nearly all distributions summarized in Wang et al. (2007) are implemented.


angledist(distribution, distpars = NA)



One of the distributions. Currently included are 'ellipsoid', 'rotatedell', 'twoparbeta', 'spherical', 'planophile', 'extremophile', 'erectophile', 'uniform', and 'plagiophile'.


A vector of parameters for the distribution. See Details.


Only three of the distributions take a parameter, these are 'ellipsoid' and 'rotatedell', and 'twoparbeta'. For the first two, the parameter X needs to be provided, for the 'twoparbeta' the parameters alphamean and tvar (see Wang et al. 2007).


An object of class AngleDist. Simply a list of components, in this useage only two are set: distribution and distpars. Other components are set when fitting a distribution to data, see fitdistribution.


Remko Duursma


Wang W.M., Li Z.L. & Su H.B. (2007). Comparison of leaf angle distribution functions: Effects on extinction coefficient and fraction of sunlit foliage. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 143, 106-122.

See Also

fitdistribution, fitalldistributions


mydist <- angledist('ellipsoid', 1.1)


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> library(LeafAngle)
> png(filename="/home/ddbj/snapshot/RGM3/R_CC/result/LeafAngle/angledist.Rd_%03d_medium.png", width=480, height=480)
> ### Name: angledist
> ### Title: Creates object of class angledist
> ### Aliases: angledist
> ### Keywords: misc
> ### ** Examples
> mydist <- angledist('ellipsoid', 1.1)
> plot(mydist)
null device