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scenarios (Package: Rothermel) :

A fuel Moisture Scenario is a set of fuel moisture values representing moisture condition of the surface fuel. Fuel Moisture Scenarios are useful for testing custom Fuel Models or developing fire prescriptions. For example, a moisture Scenario might be developed to represent a location's 90th-, 95th-, and 97th-percentile fire weather conditions (Andrews 2009)
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: datasets
● Alias: scenarios
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firexp (Package: Rothermel) :

The dataset include observations of surface head fire rate of spread (ROS) measured during field fire experiments in heathland fuels (mixed grass-shrub) carried out on flat terrain under differing fire weather conditions (Ascoli et al. 2009). For each ROS values of Rothermel's fire behavior fuel models parameters and environmental conditions are provided. Some ranges in the dataset are: ROS <- 0.9 - 26.3 m/min; wind speed <- 0.4 - 7.9 km/h; 1h fuels moisture: 10 - 27 percent.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: datasets
● Alias: firexp
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SFM_metric (Package: Rothermel) :

All values converted to metric format.
● Data Source: CranContrib
● Keywords: datasets
● Alias: SFM_metric
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